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About Me

Throughout my personal and professional life, I’ve noticed that feeling strong and healthy makes the journey towards my dreams way more fun and naturally builds my confidence. That is exactly what NC6 TRAINING is all about: movement to make you feel your best.

I was lucky enough to grow up in New Caledonia with two younger brothers. My parents were hard workers, and when we got time to play, they’d take us to remote atolls on our sailboat and pass onto us their passion for the ocean and an active lifestyle. My dad introduced me to windsurfing at a very young age and at 15 I rode my first wave and was completely hooked. I wanted to do it all the time.


When I received my masters in engineering at the age of 23, I celebrated with a trip to Maui to compete in the Aloha Classic and somehow did well enough to land a few sponsors. I went on to compete in windsurfing as well as stand up paddle racing and surfing. I met my husband and we started a life in Maui, Hawaii competing on tour and riding big waves and got to travel to some of the most iconic wave-sailing destinations in the world.


In order to perform at my best, training became a necessity. I wanted to discover what my true potential was and learned quickly just how important fitness was, not only for the physical benefits but also the mental endurance needed to never give up. I fell in love with my training program, trainer and the people I trained with. Being coached at an elite facility in Maui to optimize my athletic performances was a whole new experience for me, and I saw the connection between my academic love for how things work and my passion for being an athlete coming together.

My first taste of being a personal trainer came from teaching fitness classes at local resorts in Wailea, after which I completed the National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer certification. I am now blessed to train other competitive windsurfers in person and utilize NC6 Training to share my programs near and far through a digital space. My experience in training my own body as a professional athlete, reaching my goals and recovering from injuries has all combined to create these comprehensive, yet easily adaptable digital programs.


I look forward to helping you unleash your full fitness potential and assisting you in reaching your unique wind sport goals. Thank you for your support!



2x IWT champion

Guinness World


NASM certified

Launch of Ocean Monkey Jedi 2022

As NC6 Training, I create and launch my second original fitness program focusing on water sports conditioning. More here.

Launch of Solid Shoulders 2021

As NC6 Training, I create and launch my first original fitness program focusing on shoulders and upper back mobility for water sports. More here.

Guinness World Record 2020

I establish the first Guinness World Record for largest wave ever windsurfed by a woman (36ft).

TRX certification 2020

I expand my functional movement knowledge to suspension training by taking the TRX course.

NASM certification 2019

I pass the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) test to become a Certified Personal Trainer and start training top competitive athletes.


Fitness Instructor at Pacific Wellness Concierge 2015, 2016, 2017

I teach a variety of fitness classes at the Wailea Beach Resort - Marriott, Maui (Stand Up Paddle yoga, HIIT workouts, intro to Pilates and Yoga, meditation...)

International Windsurfing Tour Champion 2015, 2016, 2018

I travel to the IWT* events: USA, Mexico, Peru, Morocco where I compete and win enough points to become the overall champion 3 times.


Engineer Degree in Computer Science 2012

At 23 years old, I graduate from French Engineering school Ensimag but decide to tackle my dream and move from New Caledonia to Maui, Hawaii.

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