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  • Improve core strength

  • Increase muscle endurance 

  • Challenge yourself with balance exercises

  • Build power and explosivity

  • Prepare your body to progress in water sports 


SO you want to

The OMJ program takes you through 4 steps inspired by the OPT (Optimum Performance Training) model which relies on scientific evidence and principles. Each step consists of one workout video including a thorough warm up routine. A workout plan is also included in the download, to help schedule your fitness efforts and stay on track.






Spend as little as 1 week per step and complete the program in 1 month or up to 3 weeks per step and complete OMJ in 3 months. Your pace will depend on your level of fitness when you start. Every step lays a foundation on which you will build so don't rush the process! Allow your body to adapt to new movements and increased demands. It's not about the destination but about the journey.


"Quality and consistency over quantity and intensity"

Kanaha Core & More

Kanaha is a wonderful beach in Maui for fishermen and water sports enthusiasts. It is where beginners learn, where confidence can be built and re-built. It is the place to lay a solid foundation and therefore the inspiration behind the name of the first step of the Ocean Monkey Jedi program: “Kanaha Core & More”.

For every movement we do, a part of the body has to remain stable while the others move. The more stable it is, the more powerful, fast and controlled the overall movement can be. That is the foundation you are laying during the first step of OMJ: core strength and endurance as well as stabilization endurance for your joints (shoulders, hips, knees, ankles). This ensures that you will be able to follow the next steps of the program safely and get the most out of them.

Ho'okipa Tight Rope

When I started windsurfing at Ho’okipa in the fall of 2012 I had a really hard time. There was a lot of swimming involved as it felt like I would spend my time trying to rescue my gear before it would go on the rocks. The worst part was that I would end up in this situation just trying to get out, not even riding a wave!​​​​​​​​
It was intense and frustrating. I started to wonder what the fuss was with that place that takes so much energy for such short moments of reward. As I practiced more and became fitter, I realized that the key to not waste all my energy sprint-swimming was to not fall in those key moments. What a concept! “Just don’t fall”. I actually think it’s interesting to point out. To have fun at Ho’okipa the most important skill, in my opinion, is not wave riding, it’s balance and proprioception (the body’s ability to sense its location, movements, and actions). This aspect of fitness training strongly impacts your ability to make it to the channel, position yourself where you want and make it back out again without a sneaky current or white water ending your session. Before you can play with the Ho’okipa waves you have to walk the “Ho’okipa Tightrope” which is the name of the 3rd step of the Ocean Monkey Jedi program.​​​​​​​​

Pacasmayo Endurance

Pacasmayo is home to one of the longest, most fun waves in the world. 3-minute rides on the regular with more turns than you can count, I was lucky enough to discover this amazing destination while competing on the IWT. The waves are heaven, but without proper training, entire sections are ‘wasted’ on recovery. This is precisely why the second step of the Ocean Monkey Jedi program focuses on muscle endurance in honor of this iconic destination. ​​​​​​​​
The goal is to keep your technique on point, even when your heart is pumping and your muscles are burning, begging you to stop. With proper endurance training, you’ll gain that extra push of energy to grab that one last wave, hit that final section, or if you can get to Pacasmayo, ride the longest waves of your life to your fullest potential. Not only will your body have the grit for it but your mind will too.​​​​​​​​

Ténia Power

Ténia is the name of the most famous wave in New Caledonia. It resembles Cloudbreak in the sense that it breaks on an outer reef made of very sharp coral. If you fall, you are pretty much guaranteed to have your equipment broken. The wipe outs are heavy. It’s an intense place and it is where I learnt to wave sail. ​​​​​​​​
Growing up in New Caledonia, I would hear about waves but I never saw one until my friends Pierre-Yves Leroux and Alex Rouys took me to Ténia. I was 15 years old and even though my sail got destroyed at the end of my first session, I fell in love with riding powerful waves right away. Drawing lines for fun while being on the edge is such a thrill! ​​​​​​​​
In the Ocean Monkey Jedi program, the “Ténia Power” step focuses on power training: the ability to produce the maximum amount of force in the shortest amount of time. Being explosive is necessary when one wants to have a more critical timing while riding waves, and Ténia calls for that! I also think it’s exhilarating to exercise this way, to feel like a superhero doing cool moves that will translate into bottom turns, top turns, jumps and aerials.​​​​​​​​


Not your average program


As a professional athlete, my body is constantly pushed to its limit. I realized early on that I needed to combine out of water training with my daily windsurf and paddle board routine in order to keep up this lifestyle.

As a certified trainer who used to be a computer science and applied math engineer, I’ve spent my career diving deep into scientifically recognized training principles to understand proper movement. Throughout the years I have identified the exercises that help me and my clients stay pain free while being able to push our body’s limits when we decide to. Those experiences came together to create NC6 Training's 'Solid Shoulders' mobility program and 'Ocean Monkey Jedi' strength and endurance program.

NC6 Training programs are designed with windsurfers, stand up paddlers and wing foilers in mind but are incredibly helpful for anyone who wants to lead a healthy, pain free lifestyle. Whatever you’re doing, climbing, golfing, swimming or even sitting… all these activities take a toll on your body. Yet they bring you joy, so take an athlete’s approach to your journey and give yourself the best chances to enjoy it!


What’s included


Access to 4 hours of real-time workout videos

PDF program guide

Downloadable workout plan


Who can benefit from this program?

Water Sports Enthusiasts

Professional and Aspiring Athletes

Functional fitness lovers

How it works

Download it

The workout plan and program guide are downloadable: you can save them on your computer or smartphone to reference anywhere. The videos are hosted on the NC6 TRAINING website so you can login to watch them wherever you are.


Do it

Ocean Monkey Jedi is comprised of 4 steps, each with a workout video to complete twice a week. 

The workouts are approximatively 50 minutes long. Each of them lays a foundation on which you will build in the next step. 


Keep it up

Stay in touch! Training doesn’t end at your downloads. Sign up for the NC6 newsletter for additional tips, motivation and new program releases. Follow @hauserlifestyle on social media and reach out with any questions or just to share your training journey with us. Motivation is contagious, let’s spread that positive energy around! 

Are you ready to build your strength and endurance to excel in your sports?

The curated workouts and guided fitness planning provided in Ocean Monkey Jedi will get you there! 

"Training with Sarah has been great! Sarah has helped me to improve so many parts of my physical conditioning, as well as helping me stay injury free so that I can spend as much time as possible on the water. The fact that Sarah is a professional athlete as well is invaluable as she knows what I am dealing with and can draw upon her own experiences to help me be the best that I can be..”

-Morgan Noireaux, professional windsurfer
3x Aloha Classic champion
Still unsure?

Get in touch! I’d be happy to discuss how NC6 TRAINING can benefit your unique athletic goals.

Find me on social media @hauserlifestyle

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