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Marcilio Browne, professional windsurfer 
4x windsurfing world champion

I started training with Sarah in 2019 and I am beyond stoked with the results. Sarah has kept me fitter than I ever been, injury free and able to sail longer while recovering faster . She has also been so flexible making it easy to fit the program with my schedule of trips , sailing and taking care of my 2 young children.

In 2019 after only 1 year training with her I had pretty much one of my best years on tour, and I really noticed the results specially sailing in Sylt during the double elimination. Doing so many heats back to back would not have been possible without the preparation I got from her over the season. Also stoked to have someone to keep track of my workouts while traveling and making sure I stick to the plan.

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Coen, Solid Shoulders Customer

Solid Shoulders and the Fiji routine make my life a lot better (and less painful)! 

I would never thought that training more mobility in the shoulders would cure some of the problems I had when windsurfing and supping, but after I started and worked myself up to level 3 I found out that life on the board is much better. For example, I can paddle on my left side as good as on my right side now. Before the program I missed some movement in my shoulders so paddling on the left started to hurt after a while.

When windsurfing I can make my moves better because of the extra motion and the next day I’m not so sore in my muscles anymore.

Last but not least: the Fiji routine is my new daily start so I don’t have a painful lower back anymore during the day.


Mike Abrams, passionate windsurfer and CEO

I am so very lucky to have met Sarah in Pacasmayo, Peru at the IWT windsurfing competition. I'm glad that I finally had an opportunity to train with her. I always suspected that her training could help increase my strength, balance, and confidence while out on the water participating in my favorite sport of windsurfing. All my hypothetical thoughts turned out to be 100% true when I started training with Sarah. She tailors many exercises to have a direct positive impact, specifically related to windsurfing, or whatever ocean sport you enjoy.


I can honestly say, that out on the water windsurfing, my core strength, agility and balance have really improved. Sarah makes her classes so much fun, that I get disappointed many times that my trainings are complete, as the time goes way too fast.  Thus, I highly recommend Sarah for your training, as you will have zero regrets. Mahalo to you Sarah and I look forward to many more fun times training with you! Ten out of Ten!!


Mateus Isaac, professional windsurfer

2x junior world champion, 4x South American champion, 4x Brazilian champion

I am able to have longer and better sessions on the water! Training with Sarah not only made me like training off the water more, but also made my body loose and strong at the same time. I enjoy the process of getting fit for a competition. Probably the best training I have ever done in my life.


Sarah-Quita Offringa, professional windsurfer 

17x world champion

I’ve done a couple of training sessions with Sarah. They were mostly focused on balance and coordination. I actually had to concentrate a lot to complete the movements! They were quite hard but I feel like these movements can be transferred to the water. Thank you Sarah to opening my eyes to this type of training. It’s always a nice and cozy vibe when training in a group and you can tell Sarah is excited to share her knowledge and see the people she trains to do better. Since she’s such an experienced water-women for me as a windsurfer it’s good to know that she can directly relate the trainings to my specific sport.


Lina Erpenstein, professional windsurfer

youth world champion

Sarah’s training has helped me both to recover from windsurfing and also to prepare for the next session. Next to strength training I was challenged with balance and coordination exercises which also allowed me to improve my sailing on the water.

I really liked the emphasis on symmetry in the training, which is really needed with windsurfing, as often we tend to be a bit asymmetrical.


Morgan Noireaux, professional windsurfer

3x Aloha Classic champion

Training with Sarah has been great! Sarah has helped me to improve so many parts of my physical conditioning, as well as helping me stay injury free so that I can spend as much time as possible on the water. The fact that Sarah is a professional athlete as well is invaluable as she knows what I am dealing with and can draw upon her own experiences to help me be the best that I can be.


Caitlin Imrie, horse riding lover and store owner

I started working with Sarah after having a baby to reactivate muscles I hadn’t used in a long time. She took time to understand what goals I had for my body as well as making sure not to push anything too far or too fast. Her patience and knowledge has allowed me to slowly strengthen key muscle groups  to the point where I can now start doing the sports that I did pre pregnancy without feeling as though I’m starting from square one. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my customized workouts that always leave me refreshed and feeling good. 

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