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  • Improve your strength, endurance and coordination
  • Gain control and amplitude in your movements
  • Reduce shoulder and upper back pain
  • Have a confident posture
  • Trust your body and play hard

So you want to


Mobility training aims to increase the range of motion of your joints through dynamic stretching techniques. Where flexibility only focuses on increasing amplitude, mobility training allows you to control your movements throughout that gained amplitude, making you able to precisely produce and absorb force in all parts of the range of motion.  


Mobility training also corrects muscle imbalances, decreases muscle soreness, relieves joint stress, improves muscle extensibility and maintains the functional length of all muscles. These factors increase neuromuscular efficiency and enhance overall function.



Solid Shoulders is a unique upper body mobility program built on 9 years of experience as a professional ocean athlete and certified fitness trainer. It is comprised of:

 3 workout videos

 1 foam rolling video

 1 guided hypnosis for mindset training


The workouts in NC6 Training’s ‘Solid Shoulders’ program are 18-23 minutes long and will progress you from level 1 to 3 over a period of 12-18 weeks. Each of them start gently with a variety of static, active and dynamic stretches – to increase the range of motion of your shoulders and upper back joints – and end with light-medium strengthening exercises to develop neuromuscular control in the range you gained.


The foam rolling video safely teaches you the most effective self myofascial release techniques that will boost your mobility, recovery and muscle efficiency. 


The guided hypnosis audio recording will help you strengthen your motivation and allow you to effortlessly stay committed to your health goals


Solid Shoulders is designed with windsurfers, stand up paddlers and wing foilers in mind but is incredibly helpful for anyone who wants to lead a healthy, pain free lifestyle. Whatever you’re doing, climbing, golfing, swimming or even sitting… all these activities take a toll on your body. Yet they bring you joy, so take an athlete’s approach to your journey and give yourself the best chances to enjoy it!


Not your average program


As a professional athlete, my body is constantly pushed to its limit. I realized early on that I needed to combine out of water training with my daily windsurf and paddle board routine in order to keep up this lifestyle.


As a certified trainer who used to be a computer science and applied math engineer, I’ve spent my career diving deep into scientifically recognized training principles to understand proper movement. Throughout the years I have identified the exercises that help me and my clients stay pain free while being able to push our body’s limits when we decide to. Some of these techniques are inspired by functional training, yoga, rotator cuff rehabilitation, surf training, rock climbing and even Gyrotonic. All of it combined into Solid Shoulders so that you too can have healthy and strong shoulders without having to go through expensive and complicated procedures.

"I am able to have longer and better sessions on the water! Training with Sarah not only made me like training off the water more, but also made my body loose and strong at the same time. I enjoy the process of getting fit for a competition. Probably the best training I have ever done in my life.”

-Mateus Isaac, professional windsurfer, 2x junior world champion, 4x South American champion, 4x Brazilian champion

What’s included

  1. Access to 3 real-time mobility videos

  2. Access to 1 foam rolling video

  3. Downloadable PDFs (educational guide + exercises list)

  4. Downloadable audio file of guided hypnosis

No Subscription Required! 

Who can benefit from this program?

Professional competitors

Aspiring Athletes

Weekend Warriors

*and also*
anyone who has to sit for long hours.  Whether working remotely from their laptop, or driving for long distances.  Nowadays almost every profession requires prolonged hours sitting, and Solid Shoulders can help counter the effects of sedentary on your upper body.

How it works

Download it

The PDF and audio recording are downloadable: you can save them on your computer or smartphone to enjoy anywhere. The videos are hosted on the NC6 TRAINING website so you can login to watch them wherever you are.


Do it

Solid Shoulders is made of 3 levels. It is recommended to practice 2-4 times/week for 4-6 weeks before progressing to the next level.


The workouts are approximatively 20 minutes long. Each of them starts gently – to gain amplitude – and ends with slightly more intense exercises to develop strength and neuromuscular control.


The Foam Rolling video teaches you how to use massage balls and foam rollers to help improve your shoulders and upper back mobility through self myofascial release. It is broken into 3 parts to correlate with the 3 levels of mobility training. 


Visualize it

Mindset training is essential to help athletes achieve their goals. It is often overlooked unless you're a professional athlete yet everyone can benefit from it plus it does not require any fancy equipment. All you need to do is close your eyes and imagine certain things.

You can download the audio hypnosis file onto your phone and listen to it in bed before falling asleep or any time during the day.


The entire program is just $35, simple to follow with minimal props so you can keep consistent training wherever you are.


Keep it up

Stay in touch! Training doesn’t end at your downloads. Sign up for the NC6 newsletter for additional tips, motivation and new program releases. Follow @hauserlifestyle on social media and reach out with any questions or just to share your training journey with us. Motivation is contagious, let’s spread that positive energy around! 

"I have been training with Sarah since 2019 and I am beyond stoked with the results. Sarah has kept me fitter than I ever been, injury free and able to sail longer while recovering faster.”

- Marcilio Browne, professional windsurfer and 4x windsurfing world champion

Are you ready to crush your goals and reach your body’s full potential?

20' of Mobility training 2-4 times per week in combination with regular activities and mindset coaching will get you there.

Still unsure?

Get in touch! I’d be happy to discuss how NC6 TRAINING can benefit your unique athletic goals.

Find me on social media @hauserlifestyle

Email me at

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