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Wing Foil Posture

Learning to wing foil? I've created a video of my top tips for proper wing foil posture to help you advance in this super fun new sport!

Improper posture not only reduces your ability to advance in the sport, but can also result in unnecessary stiffness, sore muscles or back pain. Three common areas of foiling posture mistakes can negatively impact your wing foil performance.

1. By adjusting the position of your feet (your stance), your balance will improve and you'll gain more control of the foil.

2. Proper alignment of the hips can be practiced using a bosu ball at home to stack the hips, feet board and foil in line.

3. The posture of the shoulders is a key component to avoid pain and improve mobility for wind sports. For more upper body mobility exercises designed specifically for wind and water sports, download the Solid Shoulders digital fitness program.

Want to learn more about wing foiling and water sport fitness? Join me at Kahului Harbor on August 29 for a free wing warm up class at 11am and 12pm!



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