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Maui Team FAQ

We hope your questions about the Maui Team program find their answers here but if you need more information please feel free to contact us!

What kind of equipment do I need ?

Ideally you have access to a gym or you have one at home. The most important tools you'll need are dumbbells, bands, a bench and a medicine ball. Other pieces of equipment like kettlebells,  a stability ball or a Bosu can definitely come in handy but are not indispensable.

Can I cancel anytime ?

Yes. Simply go to the "My subscriptions" page, click on the program you wish to cancel and click "Cancel Subscription".

How many times a week do we work out ?

Here on Maui, the Maui Team workouts 3 days a week (Tuesday: Strength, Wednesday: Mobility, Friday: Power). But we also spend a lot of time on the water during the week. If it is not your case (let's say you are going through a winter season with not much water activities going on) you can up your training volume by repeating your Strength and Power workout and have your week look something like this:

Monday: Strength

Tuesday: Power

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Mobility

Friday: Strength

Saturday: Power

Sunday: Rest

What level of fitness is required ?

I do not recommend the Maui Team program to total beginners. If it's your first time following a training plan I would recommend the Ocean Monkey Jedi and the Solid Shoulders programs which use follow along videos to take you through the workouts.

That said, the Maui Team training plan can be scaled to different levels of fitness by adapting the volume (load of the weights, number of repetitions, number of sets) to your ability. For complex exercises (like a pistol squat or a Copenhagen plank) you will be taught how to safely and effectively break down the progression to learn how to perform those movements.

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